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... of digital-first, multi-ethnic, and post-modern Los Angeles

PASTORIA is a ministry magic consultancy

We brand, build, and birth ministries everywhere that carry the digital-first, multi-ethnic, and post-modern magic of here: Los Angeles, CA.

1. Strategic Positioning


Beyond the logo and letterhead, our method of branding involves the fashioning of a ministry as an access point to realizing God’s call for one’s life and actualizing one’s full potential.


This weeks-long process begins, not with a ministry’s membership but, with research into the spiritual aspirations of a community desired to be reached.  Then, through immersion in the ministry, an identity is developed which becomes materialized digitally to accurately convey the ministry’s message and magic.

  • Community Research
  • Website & Social Media
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Digital Advertising
  • Video & Podcast
  • Logo & Identity

2. Core Construction


The basis of any ministry turnaround is a dynamic core – that is, the essence of what a ministry is offering to the world.  The challenge is simple: can a ministry in decline assess, plan, and build such a core in time?


This race against time is an add on to the Strategic Positioning effort whereby, once we have a solid understanding of a desired group, we are able to guide church leadership into development of a viable mission and vision which becomes the source for newly designed programs, operations, leadership formation, and even theology.

  • Strategic Positioning +
  • Viable Mission & Vision
  • Impactful Programs
  • Contextual Theology
  • Competent Leadership
  • Efficient Operations

3. Generative Planting


What makes a new ministry ultimately of long term value is its ability to assist communities and individuals in novel life transformation – a “church plant” that is a replicate of an established church is no “plant” at all.


The magic of church planting is in the motivation and momentum that it provides its leaders and early members.  This key difference (vs. an established church environment) also means sustainable revenue, as well as community engagement and means of discipleship, will have to be highly localized to the everyday life of a niche population.  Such requirements are what we are able to fulfill.

  • Strategic Positioning +
  • Core Construction +
  • Sustainable Revenue
  • Community Engagement
  • Digital Discipleship
  • Niche Population

Renew Your Mind

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