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"It will ultimately matter little that a certain church is 'better' than another church"

Our Services

We provide guidance for pastors and capabilities for the church in these key areas

Effectively connect your dreams with that of your intended community groups.

Design (particularly digital) has now become, and will be for the foreseeable future, the primary and dominant means of experiencing a ministry’s culture and values.  The sermon on a hillside is now the podcast episode – the choice for ministries, to either lead or fall behind, is clear.

  • Mobile App
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Video & Podcast Production
  • Event/Experiential Marketing
  • Integrated Media Campaign

Create an environment that nurtures faith, hope, and love through growth.

Strategy is no longer a single plan of action based on a mission and vision statement to which all must fall in line, but the drawing of permeable boundaries along which every person can participate collectively and creatively.

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Future Sustainability Studies
  • Crisis/Conflict Management
  • Comprehensive Strategy Development
  • Strategic Staff & Board Formation

Offer wholly new ways for the unchurched to live out their faith in Christ.

Innovation is not a buzzword – it is a disciplined course of action taken when neither sustainability nor growth is achievable through the improvement of existing ministry activities.

  • Community Research
  • Rapid Ministry Prototyping
  • Change Management
  • New Church Planting
  • New Ministry Development
  • New Ministry Model Generation