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Apple’s “Church” Strategy


Imagine a place where people gather to learn something new about themselves so that they can make the world a better place.

Church? No, just Apple.

Apple has 495 stores across the world which is a pretty small number of locations compared to the number of churches there are in the world.  But, with their stores, the company is able to generate billions in revenue every year by providing meaning for their products through their “Today at Apple” program.

There are two core insights to understand:

  • Apple’s new retail executive and former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts said: “We’re creating a modern-day town square, where everyone is welcome in a space where the best of Apple comes together to connect with one another, discover a new passion, or take their skill to the next level. We think it will be a fun and enlightening experience for everyone who joins.” (Forbes)
  • Take a look at Apple’s Youtube video on Today at Apple: everyone seems to be happy to be there, no guilt for not coming, and no membership is required.

Here’s PASTORIA’s bottom-line reflection for ministry:

Is your church strategy to help people become a more enlightened, skilled, and excited person?