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Is Your Church “Old and Creaky?”


Today, there is an ages-old organization that somehow attracts disaffected, albeit younger, people to it even while it does not know what to do with them.

Church?  No, just the Democratic party (don’t worry – we’ll talk about the Republican party soon).

Ironically, the party that calls itself the home of the “progressives” continues to solidify its own center of power and resist true transformation.  Saturday Night Live was quick to pick up on the Democratic party’s position of desperation with a sad, sad sketch.

There are two core insights to consider:

  • Howard Dean, former Democratic presidential candidate, has said about his own Democratic party that, “Our strongest age group that votes for us is under 35, and they don’t consider themselves Democrats.” (Washington Post)
  • “The DNC was about to vote for a new chairman, and Dean urged it to choose an Indiana mayor in his mid-30s: an Afghanistan war veteran who had criticized Democrats for ignoring smaller communities like his own while they obsess over Washington politics.  The committee instead chose as its new leader Tom Perez, a veteran of the Obama and Clinton administrations who used to work for Sen. Ted Kennedy way back in the 1990s.” (Washington Post)

Here’s PASTORIA’s bottom-line reflection for ministry:

If an outsider looked at your church’s decisions, would they characterize it as steps taken in faith, or in fear, of progress and young people?