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Grow Church, Project by Project


The World Economic Forum, the temple of global capitalism, is wondering if we have entered an era when management does no good.

Instead of a command-and-control, factory-workers kind of organizational structure, the evidence seems to favor a more flexible approach to working together.

This is critical to contemplate for ministry as church work is spiritual and social work that focuses on the well being of people (and creation) as a whole, requiring a multitude of disciplines as well as participants involved.  Moreover, it is not predictive work that always works out according to plan or for which there is any blueprint.

Thus, there are two core insights to consider:

  • The concept known as “strategy” is being thrown away for “adaptivity” in the corporate world. (WEF)
  • Positions are going “title-less” and teams are being formed according to the needs of each project. (WEF)

Here’s PASTORIA’s bottom-line reflection for ministry:

Instead of opportunities for participation according to permanent committees, what if church was organized project by project with a different team for each?