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Make Your Own Church


What can you do with something old and that cannot be re-invented for new audiences?

Follow Nintendo.

Yes, that’s right.  Nintendo’s next move is the “Labo,” which is not a new gaming system, but a new initiative to re-design “gaming” with their existing Switch.  Labo emphasizes the possibility for a gamer to make, play, and discover, using (of all things) cardboard.


There are two core insights to consider for ministry here based on quotes from Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé:

  • “We do believe that there will be experimentation that some of these communities will do on their own. And from our perspective that’s a good thing.” (Toronto Sun)
  • “We see this as helping in our quest to broaden the audience for Nintendo Switch.” (The Verge)

Here’s PASTORIA’s bottom-line reflection for ministry:

In what ways does your ministry encourage and expect people to make, play, and discover their experience of faith on their own?