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Westfield’s “Sanctuary” in Century City


Those who are working at multi-million dollar companies, managing both high expectations and conflict, feel a need to recover and retrofit their often hectic and tumultuous life.

Do they go to church?  No, they go to Westfield’s newest mall in Century City.

Westfield just spent $1 billion with a “b” to transform what was supposed to be one of the high-end malls in Los Angeles to fulfill the expectations of (both actually and aspiring) high income people.

There are two core insights to consider:

  • Peter Lowy, co-chief executive of Westfield, said, “The mall design is meant to be a sanctuary. A place you will go that is soft, relaxing and you do what you want at your own pace.” (LATimes)
  • “There is a sprawling Equinox gym with high ceilings and hardwood floors. There is Next Health cryotherapy clinic, where patients can stand in freezing chambers, and a more conventional UCLA Health Clinic offering medical care. Amateur pugilists can work out in Gloveworx boxing studio.” (LATimes)

Here’s PASTORIA’s bottom-line reflection for ministry:

How helpful is your ministry’s typical activities (ie. worship, bible study, etc.) for people outside of your membership?